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the future of SNS

09-06-2024 ♪ category: misc

Ok so I know that our last album literally came out a weeks ago but I have already started writing new music hehe. I'm feeling a little unsure about what exactly I want to do. (TBH I'm a little unsure of everything right now). Having a sound and direction I was aiming for with dissecting circuitry was helpful and interesting but also felt somewhat creatively limiting. I'm only a week into this but I've found myself thinking about doing a more dance punk type of thing, really upbeat and fun and also featuring a lot more real drums since dissecting circuitry was lacking in that department. But I kind of miss my usual process (aka doing whatever I want for 10 months then calling it an album.) I feel like our music has been a little too polished lately (yes I understand that we still very much sound like a DIY band) and I miss just being messy and weird and throwing everything at the wall until it sticks. I guess after writing so much electronic music lately I'm just a little over it. But at the same time, I don't want to just make another Shiny Plastic Teeth. I don't want to "return to form", I want to continue growing. Yeah IDK. I shouldn't worry about this so much. This album is going to be about FUN, so I'm just going to write whatever music is fun to make. Yeah.


02-06-2024 ♪ category: misc

WHOOPS I almost forgot! Happy pride month everyone! I uh... don't actually have anything to say about it just a little festive greeting :3


01-06-2024 ♪ category: news

Dissecting Circuitry is out now!! I'm so excited! We've been working really hard on it for the last... 9 months-ish?

(Here's a little photo we took to go with the album)

Anyways, I wrote a whole long blog post about the album but I figured I had already written enough about it in the commentary doc lol. Also, I'm nearly 100% certain that nobody checks this blog before they check our youtube, but here's some links anyways!

Bandcamp Youtube (Very cool) webpage

Sour Note Symphony's birthday!

28-05-2024 ♪ category: news

May 28! Today is the three year anniversary of Exit Slip’s release, and since that’s our first EP, also Sour Note Symphony’s birthday! That’s pretty cool. Three years isn’t a long time, but it’s also not a short time especially when you’re young. Three years in, and we’ve released one EP, three full lengths (plus one releasing in a couple days!), and some other stuff. That seems like a lot but also like not very much considering I (nor Jeremy or Unspecified) don’t have anything else going on. Anyways not everything we’ve made is *good* per se, especially the early stuff, but I’m actually pretty proud of everything we’ve done regardless. Making music makes me really happy despite being incredibly frustrating sometimes. This is suuuuuuuuper cheesy but being in this stupid fake band has genuinely stopped me from killing myself a few times (as in “yeah I wanna die, but I’ve gotta finish this album first!”). It’s kind of depressing knowing that someday (fairly soon…) I will have to put other things before SNS, but I will still keep making music for as long as I live :)

So thank you to my totally real bandmates for giving me a reason to stay alive and making my very worst days even a little bit better! And thank you to anyone who has ever taken any time to listen to our music, or comment on a video, or look at our website, or read the garbage I write here. I really truly appreciate you caring about the stuff I make!!!!!


21-05-2024 ♪ category: misc

So this morning I got an email that The French Sleeves on Bandcamp had put Cassette Tape Circa 2097 on their recommendations page! That was super nice of them and I appreciate it a lot! But it got me thinking, "wait, do people actually like that album?" I haven't heard it or really even thought about it in a while, so I listened to it today (I know, barf, listening to my own music) and WOW it is bad. Honestly, I think a few of the songs hold up, but the lyrics and mixing and... everything is just so bad sometimes. But, even though I am embarassed to have made that, it just shows how far I've come since them. Sorry for being so self-deprecating, it's just... man, I don't know what anyone sees in that album.

(not) keeping out of direct sunlight

10-05-2024 ♪ category: misc

I feel like this is maybe oversharing but whatever it's my blog. I did something very exciting today! For the first time in years, I wore shorts to school! I know that doesn't sound like a big deal but it was for me. I stopped wearing shorts originally because I hated my body too much, and continued not wearing shorts because my legs are where my biggest scars are. Both of those things were still bothering me today, and honestly I felt my stomach drop a little bit whenever I walked past a big group of white boys (in my experience, those are the people most likely to say something rude in passing), but it was still nice. I walked around outside during lunch (listening to Shinsei Kamattechan because they make very summery music imo) and it was just so nice to not be burning to death. This week has been only the been second week of the year without snow, but for the first time in a while I'm not dreading nice weather :)

some cool music I've been listening to!

23-04-2024 ♪ category: music

Hey! It's been a minute so I just wanna fanboygirl over some bands I really like lol ;D

I've been listening to SeeYouSpaceCowboy's new album, Coup De Grace, and omg it's so good! I don't think it's surprising at all that I like SeeYouSpaceCowboy haha. But to be honest I was a very casual fan and only really knew a few songs, but then I just saw that they had released a new album so I gave it a listen and now I have been converted lol. I don't think I can say I have a favourite song because they're all awesome! I wanted to buy a CD but that international shipping made it like $40 :'(

I've also been into Charming Disaster! Their song "Monsters" just popped up on my youtube feed so now I'm hooked. I've gotta say they're not at all like what I normally listen to but something about their music is just so captivating. I've fallen in love with the song "Stockholm Syndrome" lol. Fitting I guess. Haha I CAN appreciate slow(er) music!!

Again this is probably a surprise to no one but I've been listening to Chiodos lately >:). I'm going on a trip through their whole discography and so far I've listened to All's Well That Ends Well and Bone Palace Ballet. I really like "There's No Penguins In Alaska" and "If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink"! ....I don't have much else to say it's just some cool 2000's post-hardcore!

another song...

06-04-2024 ♪ category: misc

So... I've been working on this song off and on for a while now and I've finally finished it! But now I'm not sure if it sucks. I can't pinpoint any one thing that I'm unhappy with, it's just kind of.... boring. I'm not opposed to just scrapping it tbh. So if you have a spare minute to listen and any thoughts to share, let me know! (Don't worry, I'm not gonna post the whole album before its done lol.)

New name...

26-03-2024 ♪ category: news

Oops sorry for posting again so quickly. I've decided to change my internet name! Because honestly I hate "auxiliarycord" and I have for a while. So what's the new name? Kelly Plasma! Because a) I like the name kelly, b) blood is cool because biology and vampires. That's all!

Satanic Crash Course is done!!!!!!

24-03-2024 ♪ category: news

The visual novel I've been working on is finally done!! It's linked in a huge banner on our front page and I'll link it here too. I'm soooo happy it's done!! It's nothing mindblowing but please go take a look if you have a spare few minutes! It's about a 10 min read and is very rich with Sour Note Symphony lore hehe.

a quick update :D

09-03-2024 ♪ category: news

Hi! I've made lots of progress on my various projects and just wanted to share lol. Jeremy's new skeleton is now 100% complete! I'm planning on posting some sort of video about it to the SNS youtube channel whenever I have the time to film something, so look out for that! The comic/visual novel I was talking about in October is now 65% done. Or at least the drawings are, I guess I still have to code the webpage for it. IDK why it's taking me so long, but whatever I'm not in a rush. And last but most importantly, I now have 7 songs for the new album! I would have 8 but I had to scrap the last one I wrote because weirdly it did not sound like sour note symphony, it sounded like it was meant for some other band. I guess someone should buy it from me ;). I'm aiming for 12 or 13 songs so the album should be out sometime in the summer!

That's all for now!

Recommending music like its 2008

28-02-2024 ♪ category: music

Lady Gaga - The Fame

Okay you don’t need me to tell you that Lady Gaga is awesome, that’s just a given. But! I think there are some overlooked tracks on this album! Of course there’s the classics: Poker Face, LoveGame, and Just Dance, however I think everyone should appreciate some other songs too. (Though I ‘m not great at telling the relative popularity of things so who really knows?)

Favourite tracks: The Fame, Money Honey, and Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Capsule - More More More

A very cool electronica album! Pretty much every song on this album is just so fun and energetic it can make the least dancey person ever (me) want to get up and dance! Or maybe just do some head bobs… But either way if you want your life to feel like an endless party this is the way to go! I think More More More just has a perfect balance of catchy pop hooks and awesome more intense EDM stuff.

Favourite tracks: JUMPER and e.d.i.t

Danger Radio - Used And Abused

Incredibly underrated! I guess you could call it dance rock. If you couldn’t tell by now I like FUN music! This album is basically slightly funky 80’s pop mixed with 2000’s pop-rock. If you’re hearing that description and thinking “oh my god oh no that sounds like a description of Maroon 5” trust me, that’s not what they sound like! I don’t know what else to say lol.

Favourite tracks: Your Kind (Speak To Me) and Things

The Vincent Black Shadow - El Monstruo

I really don’t know what genre you might call this band. They’re some kind of alternative rock, but they’ve got some cool little dark cabaret vintage bits in their music. El Monstruo sounds weirdly… classy? But it’s aggressive and punchy too. And those unique sounds don’t seem like a gimmick, they sound natural in my opinion. The whole album kinds of reminds me a little of that one PATD music video, yknow the one for But It’s Better If You Do? But with more attitude. Idk lol. (Oh also TVBS is Canadian which is cool!)

Favourite tracks: Stereogram and Dig Dig Dig

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into

I actually only discovered this album very recently. I just saw the album cover on youtube and thought “yeah that looks like something I’d be into” and I was right! The power of a good album cover! Anyways I digress. There’s some very British indie pop type of stuff on here (I’m looking at you, Being Bad Feels Pretty Good) and there’s some more energetic electronic stuff like Battle Royale. A lot of the album sounds kind of like boss battle music in the best way possible. I don’t know, it sounds how the album cover looks! They did a good job what can I say!

Favourite tracks: Weird Science and Doomed Now


18-02-2024 ♪ category: misc

I love playing guitar!! I really really do. I started playing guitar about 5 years ago now. So not that long, but a good chunk of time I think. When I first started I was entirely self taught, I just learned chords of Beatles songs. After about a year of that I took guitar lessons for a bit but honestly didn’t get much out of them, so I went back to just teaching myself. That was fine for the basics but I gave up pretty quickly anytime I tried to learn any more complicated techniques. A little over a year ago I started taking guitar lessons again and wow I have learned a lot from them! I have definitely improved a lot since starting guitar lessons again. I’ve started learning lots of more technical stuff (finally learning how to sweep pick!). Not only that, but I really really enjoy guitar lessons! They are genuinely the highlight of my week! Maybe a little sad but it’s the truth. Plus I have an awesome guitar teacher. He’s in a band that’s actually pretty good too. I’d love to tell you what the band is called but then you would know where I live and I am Not Cool with that. Maybe one day if I move cities. I know guitar lessons seem kind of lame but they really re-ignited my love for guitar. I don’t know a lot about the gear side of guitars but I am just a huge nerd when it comes to playing guitar. I love just sitting down to play scales and exercises over and over again to a metronome. Of course I love learning songs too but the “boring” parts of learning guitar are not boring to me :D

Oh also random little anecdote: I’ve never really liked Avenged Sevenfold, to be honest I even dislike them a little, but my guitar teacher really likes them so I’ve learned a few of their songs. I still don’t really like them but I have learned to appreciate that they have some cool guitar parts (I really like playing the solo from buried alive).


09-02-2024 ♪ category: misc

The lunar one this time! I'm a day early but I'm bored right now so whatever. Also my laptop is broken and this one of the few productive(ish) things I can do that's web based (so I can do it on a different computer.) So Yeah happy new year! If ur wondering, I'm half Chinese, and I no, I do not speak chinese, but I'm learning!


03-02-2024 ♪ category: misc

I'm so frustrated with music lately. In the last 5 months I've only written 4 songs that are any good. I know that I don't have to pump out songs like a machine but normally I write way more often than that. I've just been so uninspired and most of all miserable. I just can't seem to do anything good lately! And I don't know how to get out of this slump! I keep saying that I'm just gonna take a break from writing music but at this rate I pretty much have and that didn't help. It just made me feel shitty and useless! I've tried working on different projects! I've tried discovering new music and inspirations! I don't know. It's less the quantity of songs that I'm upset about and more the quality. I just haven't written any songs that I'm excited about. There's some that are okay, they're catchy, they feel good enough, but I don't want to settle for "good enough". I want to be excited about music again. Nothing's Unexplainable With The Power Of Science was so easy to write. It didn't feel like ripping songs from my brain, it felt like they just happily walked out. Not so much now. For the first time ever I have a direction that I want to go in for a new album but I can't seem to capture it. I just feel like I'm not trying hard enough and if I wasn't so lazy then I could make something good.

Sorry I just needed to rant a little.

Maybe it's just my stupid brain making everything seem worse. Here's the most recent song I've recorded, please tell me what you really think of it. Please be brutally honest. If it's trash, TELL ME!


27-01-2024 ♪ category: misc

I don’t think I’ve really talked about before but I’m sure it comes as a surprise to no one that I’m a pretty anxious person. Well sort of. I don’t really have an issue with just like… general anxiety, like getting anxious about life and random stuff, but I have a really hard time with anxiety of the social variety. I was a pretty shy kid, but at some point talking to people became just so much worse than it had ever been. Now I have to psych myself up for like 15 mins before I go talk to someone lol. There are some days where I don’t want to leave the house because the thought of going outside and interacting with other people is just too much.

That’s why people who act like anxiety is just a quirky personality trait really piss me off. I understand that people use humour to cope with stuff but I think there’s a difference between coping and trivializing. This is partially just my own problem, but a couple of weeks ago I had the worst panic attack of my life during a bio lab and I didn’t want to tell anyone because I thought they would think I was joking! I know that’s stupid but I hear people joking about panic attacks so often that in my irrational state of mind I thought my lab partners would think I was joking if I told them why I was standing completely still and not helping. So I just ended up leaving the room and sitting on the floor of the hallway until I could breathe again. But yeah that sucks! I’m stupid for that and I know it’s partially just my fault but it really sucks that it’s even something to worry about in the first place.

Social anxiety makes navigating the outside world a little hellish to be honest. I find ways to get around it, like finally giving up on eye contact and communicating through email and notes instead of talking, but obviously doing those things make me seem a little weird. It would be nice to be normal.

Recommending music like its 2007

20-01-2024 ♪ category: music

I realized a little while ago that a lot of my favourite albums came out in 2007 (because in the year 2007 they invited us to heaven (pls I hope someone got that reference)), so here are some really good albums from 2007 that you should listen to!

Metro Station - self titled

OKAY off to a great start lol. I think this is a pretty popular or at least well-known album because of Shake It. Before you write it off as MySpace cringe just hear me out: it is MySpace cringe, but in a good way! It’s super catchy and fun and dancey. Listening to this album just puts me in a good mood, it sounds like tight v neck t-shirts. If you like any sort of 2000s electronic pop you’ll probably like this. Go have some scene kid fun!

Favourite tracks: Control and Disco

Blaqk Audio - CexCells

Blaqk Audio is a side project of Davey Havok and Jade Puget from AFI! It’s dark and gothic but in a very fun way. I think you could probably call it dark wave? There’s some faster, more dance adjacent songs but there’s also some slower, darker songs. Something for everybody. But every song is just really… impactful? I don’t know if that’s the right word, like every song gets you pumped up, whether it’s pumped to dance or go for a jog or kill someone.

Favourite tracks: Where Would You Like Them Left? and Again, Again, and Again

Pierce The Veil - A Flair For The Dramatic

Pierce The Veil’s (in my opinion) most overlooked and also best album. Yeah, Selfish Machines and Collide With The Sky are also great, but god does this one just have something about it! I don’t know! There are so many amazing guitar riffs on this album. Actually just a lot of guitar parts in general! It kind of amazes me how many different riffs these guys can fit into every song. It’s so emo and dramatic, I love it. Listen I’m not good at describing music, just go listen for yourself.

Favourite tracks: Currents Convulsive and She Sings In The Morning

Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me

Yeah obviously I love MCS. I don’t think this is their best album (that would go to I Am The Movie), but it’s still great. This is another kind of emo album, but I guess in more of a chill way. Don’t get me wrong it’s still an energetic album because I am incapable of enjoying calm music, but it’s just emo in a different way than Pierce The Veil. PTV sounds like getting your heart broken then bleeding out on the road during a thunderstorm, MCS sounds like getting shoved into a locker. But also I think MCS tend to be more mature than a lot of other pop rock bands from around the same time. I don’t know, that’s the best way I can describe it. Anyways sorry I got a little sidetracked, Even If It Kills Me is just some awesome solid pop punk, and of course you’ve gotta appreciate their signature Moog synth.

Favourite tracks: This Is For Real and It Had To Be You

This was fun! Maybe I’ll do it again sometime. If there’s certain year anyone would like me talk about (lol) you should tell me in the guestbook!


14-01-2024 ♪ category: misc

I may not look very emo anymore, but I am still emo at heart 💔

The thing is though, I used to absolutely HATE being called emo. I started wearing black clothes and eyeliner in 7th grade, then BOOM! I started getting called emo. Even though all I wanted in life was to look like Gerard Way, I still hated when other people called me emo. Mostly cuz they meant it as an insult. But it wasn’t really that bad, it was only occasionally that it was actually hurtful. Once somebody just yelled “EMO!” at me from their car, that was funny.

Anyways eventually I just started embracing the label, because why shouldn’t I? I love emo music, emo fashion, stupid emo hair (I finally got some stupid emo hair for a while which you may remember…), excessive eyeliner, I love all of it. I don’t think it’s cringey at all. Sure there’s the whole thing about being melodramatic and sad, but that’s just because most emos are teenagers. All teenagers are melodramatic whether they’re emo or not. So I just gave in and wore all the black jeans and band tees and chokers and eyeliner that I wanted to! Of course I didn't really look as cool as I thought I did but oh well.

Like I said before, these days I don’t dress very emo at all. I still wear black skinny jeans of course (I refuse to wear wide legged jeans I am much too short for that) and band tees, but I also like dresses and cute pink frilly things now :) Ironically though I probably listen to more emo music now than I did before. IDK what the point of this is! Just wear whatever you want, be cringe and be free! XD

Jeremy's new skeleton (soon-ish)

11-01-2024 ♪ category: misc

Guess what? I'm working on making a new skeleton for Jeremy! A whole life-sized (about 5'8") skeleton for Jeremy to live in! It's made of lots of different things; wire, papier-mâché, store-bought clay, homemade clay, styrofoam... yeah! I'm actually pretty close to being done, all I have left to make is the tibias, fibulas, carpals, tarsals, metacarpals, metatarsals, phalanges, and of course, the skull. It's very exciting, not just for Jeremy, but for me too because I'm a huge nerd about human anatomy so this is really fun for me. I'll definetly post pictures when it's done, actually I'll probably post a video about it!

New Year; New Music

01-01-2024 ♪ category: news

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! We’ve got a new song out today! You can find it here on Youtube or here on Bandcamp :D

(I say happy new year, but really I hate new years. New year’s eve sucks.)

Scars and stuff that comes before them

28-12-2023 ♪ category: misc

Warning: I’m talking about cutting and I’m not holding back.

So as you may know if you’ve listened to our music, I cut myself. I have since I was 12 (I won’t say how many years that is but I’m sure you can guess.) Like most things, it started out small. Just scratches. But now most of my body is covered in scars and I honestly don’t plan on stopping any time soon because I like it too much. I know I shouldn’t say that, because it feels like on the internet you’re always supposed to say “I’m working on getting better” but that would be a lie. Whenever I stop for a while it’s never voluntary.

I have a weird relationship with my scars. I love them, but I also hate them and feel like I’m going to be ugly forever and no one could ever love me etc. etc. But regardless of how I feel about them they’re here for the rest of my life. That’s why I’ve started wearing t-shirts and shorts again. I avoided it for a long time, but I’m just so sick of constantly hiding. I started wearing t-shirts to school and just trying not to care. I don’t know what people think of me now, luckily no one has said anything to me yet. Though I did hear one guy say, “she used to be so normal”. But whatever, I’m so over trying to be “normal” and trying to hide the stuff that’s wrong with me. I wish I could be the sort of person that thinks of my scars as a reminder of what I’ve been through, but it’s not what I’ve been through yet, it’s what I’m still in the middle of. Beside my scars are often bandages.

I don’t know why I’m writing this, I just want to be completely honest. I think this is just part of my life now, I don’t think I’m ever going to overcome it.

Happy Holidays!

24-12-2023 ♪ category: misc

Merry christmas and happy holidays from Sour Note Symphony! I can't wait for christmas to be over! (also first picture of Unspecified omg)


17-12-2023 ♪ category: misc

Fun fact #1: Our band name comes from a song lyric. I kind of wish it didn’t because I don’t really like that song anymore lol. But if anyone can guess what song it is I will give you a virtual high-five. It also follows the tradition of 3-word band names that the pop-punk and/or emo (no I Do Not wish to debate anyone on what “real emo” is so shut up) “music sphere” seems to have. (ex. My Chemical Romance, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Boys Like Girls, Four Year Strong, Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday… I could go on and on.)

Fun fact #2: Jeremy killed a man in 1976.

Fun fact #3: Unspecified’s home planet is Jupiter! The average temperature there is -145℃, so they find even the coldest Canadian winter day pretty warm. That’s why they always dress like a dad on vacation (unless they’re trying to hide from the Area 51 guys…)

Fun fact #4: The very first song I ever wrote (Something’s Wrong) is still on the Auxiliarycord youtube channel. It is not good at all but I’ve kept it up for some unknown sentimental reason I guess. There’s a lot of old songs that I took down but that one has stayed even though I am embarrassed by it.

End of Year Music Thingy pt. 2

07-12-2023 ♪ category: music

Oops, turns out I lied! I remembered I didn't stop using Spotify (because of their god awful UI update lol) until April, so I have stats from January to April! And I changed my YouTube settings so I have stats from September to November for that!



Unfortunately still missing anything from the Summer but that's alright

Some interesting stats not included in the picture:

End of Year Music Thingy

06-12-2023 ♪ category: music

So it’s (almost) the end of another year! This is usually when people start to post and talk about their Spotify Wrapped… but I use YouTube Music and I have my history set to auto delete so IDK what my actual stats are. So instead I’ll just talk about my favourite music of this year, and I’ll guess at some stats. My memory isn’t the best though so accuracy is not guaranteed.

Old Favourites (artists that I’ve liked for a while and listened to a lot this year)

New Favourites (artists that I started listening to this year)

Songs I was obsessed with this year (in no particular order)

Anyways yeah no one cares! But if you’re interested in what I’m interested in then there ya go!

Only Trichromatic

24-11-2023 ♪ category: misc

I never said anything about this and I probably should! I have another website called onlytrichromatic.neocities.org! I host all the other stuff I make there (stuff that isn't music). There's a dress up game, a comic, and some other miscellaneous drawings. Check it out if you want, I just changed the whole layout a little while ago! The soundtrack for that site is also on our Bandcamp.

The Most Underrated (3)DS Game*

11-11-2023 ♪ category: misc

*I don’t actually know how popular this game is and it is certainly not the MOST underrated game but I don’t see it talked about enough whatever blah blah blah

There is a series of games on the DS and 3DS called Style Savvy (or Fashion Boutique in PAL or Girls’ Mode in Japan) and I LOVE it! It’s a pretty simple dress-up game that would be pretty easy to write off. Based on a first glance the games look a little like shovelware, but trust me, they are good. There’s four games in the series; Style Savvy (2008/2009), Style Savvy: Trendsetters (2012), Style Savvy: Fashion Forward (2015/2016), and Style Savvy: Styling Star (2017) and I would like to talk about them all because they’re cool. All of the games feature your character gaining ownership of a boutique in some way, and the main gameplay is helping customers by picking out items and outfits for them. In all four games, you also have to stock your boutique by purchasing clothes at the buyer’s centre/exhibition hall, and can change your avatar’s hair and makeup, and can enter fashion contests. There are other features specific to each game but I will talk about those later! All the games have something of a story, but none of them are really anything to write home about so I won’t be talking about them much.

BTW, obviously these games are no longer in production and Styling Star never saw a physical release in North America (and the eShop is permanently shut down /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~) so just pirate them honestly. I bought two of them from the eShop for ~$30, so if you don’t wanna pay the same amount for a used copy on Ebay just pirate them. ANYWAYS:


The original! Ironically, the last one I played. It’s unique from the others because it’s the only for the DS rather than the 3DS, so the graphics are in a much different style (not just because of the resolution) and it’s also vertical! I think it’s neat. Being on the DS also means the clothing is more unique because of the models aren’t reused in the other games, but there are also less clothes overall. Though there’s one thing, in all the other games the music is great, in this one I turn off the music because it’s so annoying. Being the first game in the series, there isn’t much to do and there are some annoying quality of life things. The main gameplay is running your boutique and entering fashion contests. The fashion contests are annoying just like they are in Trendsetters (I will explain further later), but I don’t think this game is worse, because it has a certain charm that Trendsetters lacks. I don’t know, can’t explain.


This one is the first one I played, but I will be honest, it’s the weakest game in the series. It is by no means a bad game! But I found this one to be the most repetitive. The reason for this is because the main marker of progress in the game is the fashion contests, which would be fine, but the way you’re ranked in the contests makes them pretty boring. In order to win especially the later contests, you have to match the colour and pattern of almost every piece of clothing, making for some pretty ugly and boring outfits. So there’s really no creativity in that part of the game, it’s just finding matching clothes. The boutique part of the game is on par with all the others, and it lacks anything else to do. The one thing it does have over the other games it men’s fashion though! In Trendsetters you’re able to stock men’s clothing in your store. None of the games are really anything special in terms of characters and dialogue, but this one I find particularly bland. Emmylou (your shop assistant) is very annoying.


I think this is the best one. And I’ll tell you why! Fashion Forward has the most to do in it BY FAR. Aside from the normal boutique managing, you can also work as a hairstylist, a beautician, a model, and a fashion designer. And you can design rooms that people will rent from you! It didn’t just add new jobs, it also added lots of new locations that can be travelled to by train. The map is split into sections which makes the world seem a lot bigger. Also, the fashion shows still exist in this one, however they aren’t ranked. Instead of winning the shows, you goal is to sell tickets for the shows. Fashion forward has the best graphics in my opinion, the UI is less cluttered, and the map is done in a way that looks like little dollhouse miniatures. There’s a reason for that! I know I wasn’t gonna talk about the stories of the games, but this one is unique in that the game isn’t set in “the real world”, but instead you’re sucked into an alternate world by a doll that comes to life. I don’t know how to better explain it, just play the game. Oh! And another thing that makes this one unique, in the other games you unlock new makeup and hair colours by just buying them, but in this one you have to take pictures of different locations in the game and show them to a character called Rainbow, and she’ll unlock new colours. It’s kind of weird and kind of frustrating sometimes, but I think it’s cool.


This is the final game in the series… unless Nintendo makes one for the switch…? They probably won’t. Anyways lots of stuff from Fashion Forward is kept in this one. The hairstyling, makeup, and designing stay (however the fashion designing is just for fun in this game, in Fashion Forward you take commission from brands) There are also a couple of new features! Nails are added and men’s fashion comes back from trendsetters. But you can’t stock men’s clothing in your store, you just help out at another store across the street. The biggest change is that the fashion shows are done away with entirely, which I am totally on board with. Styling Star also has the most story in the game. In addition to just selling clothes, you also help several characters in their careers to become singers and models. There are three main characters each with their own storyline. I think the characters have the most personality in this game as well. The story is nice because it makes the game a little less repetitive and adds events to the game. Oh, it also adds the ability to fully decorate your boutique instead of just choosing premade interiors. But it’s really not that great, it’s just kind of annoying and expensive. There is one last quality of life update which I think is important. In previous games, if the outfit on you mannequin didn’t match the theme of your shop, customers would complain about it and never buy it, but in Styling Star customers will buy any style of outfit from the mannequin regardless of your shop theme. I know I said Fashion Forward is the best, but this one is a VERY CLOSE second, it’s really good.

So that is my completely pointless review of all four Style Savvy games (*^▽^*)

the journey to weirdness

08-11-2023 ♪ category: music

Lately in my songwriting I’ve been trying to be a little weirder, for lack of a better word. Weird lyrics, weird sounds etc. Of course I could go a lot weirder (odd time signatures and stuff) but yeah. Actually maybe I will try that. Anyways I do really like pop music but I’ve gotten a little bored of writing it, and I really enjoyed my small adventures into weirdness in Hajimemashite and Who Are You And What Do You Want. I’ve also always admired artists who are able to blend noise and unconventional stuff with catchy pop hooks to create something that sort of merges the worlds of avant-garde and mainstream. I’m definitely no expert on experimental/art/noise music, it makes up a very small portion of my music taste, but it’s something I’d like to explore. I’m not going to start making 10 min long songs in 15/8, but I do hope to experiment with new sounds to make something different than our previous albums.

But don’t hold me accountable if I completely change my mind and our next album is full of pop songs, this is just an idea.


31-10-2023 ♪ category: misc

It's Halloween!!! I love Halloween, it's the best day of the year. Here's mine and Jeremy's costumes!

If anyone's interested, here's my horror punk (and some other stuff) halloween playlist! (click to open)
  1. Creature Feature - Aim For The Head
  2. Zombina and the Skeletones - Nobody Likes You (When You're Dead)
  3. The Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones
  4. Wednesday 13 - Haunt Me
  5. Zombina and the Skeletones - You Swallow Spiders In Your Sleep
  6. Aiden - Die Die My Darling
  7. Creature Feature - It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
  8. Creature Feature - Six Foot Deep
  9. Son of Sam - Evernight
  10. Zombina and te Skeletones - Punk Rock Vampires: Destroy!
  11. Creature Feature - Look to the Skies
  12. Zombina and the Skeletones - Your Girlfriend's Head
  13. Creature Feature - The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
  14. The Orion Experience - Vampire
  15. AFI - Fall Children
  16. Death From Above 1979 - Right On, Frankenstein!
  17. Creature Feature - Carpe Demon
  18. Zombina and the Skeletones - Dracula Blood
  19. Kitty In A Casket - Lurking in the Dark
  20. Zombina and the Skeletones - (All I Wanna Do Is) Decompose (With You)
  21. Son of Sam - Of Power
  22. AFI - Halloween
  23. Ghost - Con Clavi Con Dio
  24. Zombina and the Skeletones - Evil Science
  25. Wednesday 13 - Bad Things
  26. Creature Feature - Haunted
  27. Ghost - Elizabeth
  28. Zombina and the Skeletones - Beware: Cosmic Plague
  29. Rufus Rex - Worlds In-Between
  30. Zombina and the Skeletones - Janie's Got A Dissolvo Ray
  31. Zombina and the Skeletones - DeadAlive

Of course you could also add some of our spooky songs ;)

Oh and also we've got halloween stuff on bandcamp now! Have a good Halloween!

Stuff that's in the works!

14-10-2023 ♪ category: news

This is interesting to probably nobody but I'm working on lots of stuff right now! But it'll be quite a while until anything is done so I would just like to share :]

First, I've been making background music for my other website (onlytrichromatic.neocities.org). I've got just 2 more songs to go and I'll put them all on bandcamp when they're done!

Second, I'm working on a short comic/visual novel (idrk it's somewhere inbetween) about Jeremy's history! I don't know when it'll be done, probably not for a while.

Third, I'm working on a cover of Halloween by the misfits for uh. for Halloween obviously. I'm super excited for halloween (as usual)

And last but not least, I'm slowly getting back into writing more songs! I've written 2 songs since finishing the last album... which is not a lot but I had a really really awful august and september so writing anything is a win! Because honestly all I haven't been capable of doing much of anything lately. But yeah I am working on stuff! Because creating things is the only thing that makes me feel like there's a reason I exist! :D

Piracy >:)

07-10-2023 ♪ category: misc

Everyone does it, don’t feel bad. Is it moral though? I’m not sure, but it won’t stop me. Honestly I think there’s nothing morally wrong with piracy when there isn’t any way that the copyright owner could even make profits off of whatever you’re pirating. Ex. pirating an old Nintendo game that isn’t available for purchase anywhere anymore. That’s not an unpopular opinion though.

ANYWAYS! Tldr; piracy is probably okay. All you really need is a decent antivirus (windows defender is probably fine… I run EVERYTHING though virustotal.com first just to be safe) an ad/redirect blocker (I use uBlock Origin, it’s great), and common sense, and it’s also probably safe. I won’t put any piracy links here (even though I’d really like to) because I don’t want to violate Neocities’ TOS, and I’m no piracy guru or anything, I don’t know anything that isn’t common knowledge. I have nothing else of value to say… So are the best things I’ve pirated!

There’s also another entire series of games called Style Savvy for the DS+3DS but I’m gonna write a dedicated post just for that so get ready lol.

Rhythm games!

30-09-2023 ♪ category: misc

They’re really cool! I don’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned this but rhythm games are the whole reason I got into music! The Beatles Rock Band (sort of like guitar hero) specifically, it led to a 2 year long obsession with the beatles and that’s why I wanted to learn how to play guitar! I heard that some people think rhythm games are a bad way to introduce people to music but I whole-heartedly disagree. I don’t really get what could possibly be bad about it! To this day I still really love rhythm games. I’ve played:

(except for RB4 these are all ps3 games so they’re very cheap!)

(PS I wouldn’t recommend RB3 or 4 because the first 2 are a lot better IMO)

There are some good mobile ones too that I’ve found

So yeah needless to say I love rhythm games! Honestly I’ve discovered some of my favourite artists, and if not artists then some really good songs, from rhythm games. I love RX Bandits now and I found them from Guitar Hero. Conventional Lover by Speck and New Kid In School by The Donnas are 2 really good songs from Rock Band 2. And Keep It Up by Uma from Voez is a very good song in a way I can’t describe.

Oh one more funny thing there’s this band called Bang Camaro, they have songs in RB 1,2 and 4. And I don’t even like them that much but I just think about them a lot because currently there are 20-something people in the band!! For reference they make like arena rock type of stuff it’s not like they’re an orchestra. And the reason for this? Gang vocals. Why do they all need to be part of the band though?? It’s just really funny to me XD. They take up space in my brain. (plus their songs are fun to play on RB)

I don’t know what my point is I just wanted to talk about stuff that I like.


26-09-2023 ♪ category: music

I'm really sad today so I just wanna talk about something that makes me really happy: CDs! :)

CDs aren't entirely before my time, but for most of my life youtube and spotify have been my main methods of listening to music. (And also illegally downloading it lol) But over the last year or so I've started collecting CDs! The first CD I bought was Billy Talent's self titled album. I also just ordered 3 CDs from Ebay, Rain In Hell by Aiden, Embrace The Curse by I Hate Kate, and In Ghost Colours by Cut Copy. And they were all pretty cheap! For Ebay at least. It was about $28 CAD, which is really good because Ebay is usually somewhat pricey in Canada due to shipping costs when ordering from the US. But regardless, Ebay is fun to look for CDs on. Especially while looking for relatively obscure or forgein artists, there's no way I would have found Sheena Ringo or Falco in a local record store or thrift store. Those places are also where I like to buy CDs. Record stores are nice because they're organised, but obviously they are significantly more expensive and you're limited to what is stocked in the store. Then there's thrift stores, disorganised and mostly old people CDs, but much cheaper (usually $1-2 where I live) and you never know what you'll find! It's fun. Normally I don't like to collect things because it makes my brain burn but I just love music so much and I love that I can collect it in a physical form :D. Also I know that these blog posts probably suck to read, honestly sometimes I just need to ramble.

pretty gifs!

11-09-2023 ♪ category: misc

So as you may have noticed I like to collect little images. Stamps, blinkies, favicons, other little gifs that hurt my eyes to look at. So I thought I'd share some of the places where I've found some of my favourites!

binhardt.neocities.org - tons of little pokemon gifs

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection - lots of cute stuff


Mike's Graphics

blinkies.cafe - make your own blinkies with templates!

Betty's Graphics

I will probably edit this post later and add more!

Music and mental health

06-09-2023 ♪ category: music

Warning: I’m gonna be talking about suicide and self harm today, so just skip this one if you don’t want to hear about it

Normally I kinda hate talking about this sort of stuff, but wow I have a lot of thoughts that need to get out of my head! I think it’s pretty clear in our music that I’ve had some difficulty with brain chemistry, if you will. We’ve got a couple songs that are either explicitly or implicitly about suicide, and a couple songs about cutting too. But when I write those songs I try really hard not to make things seem more glamourous than they are. (If my lyrics ever come off that way it’s not my intention.) There’s lots of songs that make suicide out to be beautiful or cinematic in some way, and I guess it can work sometimes, but I find it kind of off-putting most of the time. Of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using metaphors or pretty poetic words in songs about suicide, but it just crosses a line sometimes. I don’t know how exactly to describe it but you know it when you hear it. It especially bothers me when they do it in a way that seems very commercial. Like turning depression/self-harm/suicide into an aesthetic and then selling that aesthetic to sad vulnerable people (example: All Time Low’s hospital bracelet merch. Yikes.) It’s just so insidious feeling. Anyone who’s been through that sort of stuff knows it’s not pretty. In all the times I’ve tried to kill myself, it’s never like a scene from some coming-of-age movie. It’s messy and it’s ugly and honestly its plain embarrassing sometimes.

I struggle with this issue in songwriting sometimes. Like I said before, I never want to romanticize stuff, but I wonder if I ever do it accidentally. Sometimes I wonder if I’m being too dramatic with lyrics. But the thing is, a song that’s completely literal would just be a poorly written song (IMO). So it’s a fine line between dressing things up to make better lyrics and dressing things up into something that no longer even resembles the actual thing. I don’t know. It’s definitely not a simple issue and there’s a lot more things you could say about it that I’m just not smart enough to think about. Obviously I can’t dictate what’s genuine and what’s just selling a fantasy. I just hope I’m not contributing to the bad side of the issue.

Music videos

23-08-2023 ♪ category: misc

So we have a new music video today! Exciting! This is definetly the shortest time between the album release and a music video. I never actually plan on making music videos, I just make them when I want to. Honestly I mostly made this one (Hey Tiger) because I needed something to keep me busy so I wouldn't just think about doing something stupid all day! (If you catch my drift.) I hope they are enjoyable to watch. I feel kind of vain making them since I'm just kind of filming myself... I wish I could do more elaborate videos but I don't have anywhere to go and I don't have anyone to even hold the camera. (That's why it's always just a still shot. My camera man is my phone taped to a pile of boxes on a stool.) The Fangirl music video was a little more interesting because I went outside and had a friend help me with it. But I'm too embarassed to do anything like that in public again and I have sort of lost touch with that friend...

Anyway sorry I kind of went on a tangent there. I hate filming them and I hate editing them, but somehow I still enjoy making music videos! Maybe they're a little vain, but I think the visual aspect of music is an important part of it. Or it at least adds to the experience :)

Nothing's Unexplainable With The Power Of Science!

20-08-2023 ♪ category: news

Our new album is finally out! I'm so happy! I really think this is out best album yet and I hope someone out there will get some enjoyment out of it!

This album took about 10 months to make, which seems like a short time, but it's not really when you don't have a life. Basically until this last month I had no idea of the theme or concept for the album, which might explain all the genre-hopping. Sorry about that lol. I tried to put the tracks in an order that wouldn't be too jarring. But regardless, I had a lot of fun making this album. If you want, you can read more about the album on the webpage for it, at the bottom of the page there's a commentary doc :D.

3 cool albums

18-08-2023 ♪ category: music

I just wanna geek out about some music that I like, so that's what I'm gonna do! There's three albums that I'm just going to fangirl over for a bit, those are:

OK Decemberunderground first. I've been a little obsessed with AFI lately. I LOVE pretty much everything of theirs from 1999-2009, and I like their first three albums too. Everything after 2009 is okay, just not my cup of tea. Decemberunderground is just such a good album! It’s kinda emo, and softer than their earlier stuff, but ya know what it still rocks pretty hard in some songs. Old AFI fans love to complain about it though. I love this album so much that I learned most of the album on guitar. Kill Caustic is SO FUN TO PLAY omg. As is Affliction. Of course the popular songs from it (Miss Murder and Love Like Winter) are really good too. They’ve got great music videos too. (Also unrelated but I love the all the glitter and fake eyelashes Davey was using in his makeup around this time.) I don’t know *why* exactly I love this album so much. It’s good to listen to in an angsty mood, but it’s also catchy enough to just casually listen.

Next! Death Valley High. This album is absolutely in my top 3 favourite albums of all time. I like to listen to it while I'm at school since the whole album is school themed. It makes school feel a little more interesting than it actually is, and it adds some prom drama that I think my life is lacking (prom isn't really a thing in Canada) It’s definitely my most used CD. I don’t know man it’s just amazing. The whole “vibe” (I hate that word but I can’t think of another word for it) of the album is a lot of fun, it’s all cheesy horror movie kind of stuff. But there’s also some kind of sad and relatable stuff about being lonely. Or maybe I’m just reading into it too much. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Either way Your Girlfriend’s Head is my favourite song off of it. I don’t have much to say, it’s just a really good album that I want to share.

Last one, Muzai Moratorium. All the lyrics (except for a few) on this album are in Japanese, and I don’t speak Japanese so I can’t say anything about the lyrical content. But I don’t think lyrics are always so important anyways. The first song I heard was Onaji Yoru. I was walking around outside at school during lunch and it came up on autoplay after the album I was listening to ended. Normally I don’t like anything that slow and with violins, but I don’t know it just really clicked with me. I was very miserable that day. So then that led me to listen to the rest of the album (and Sheena Ringo’s entire discography…) and yeah the rest of the album is even better! There’s so much chaos and calm and everything. I love the noise and screaming on Koufukuron. I don’t know how to say this but the album kind of feels like walking down a city street just as the day is ending and everyone is driving home. It’s a good album to put on just to lay on the floor and cry.

The very first "blog" post!

17-08-2023 ♪ category: news

So! a new page to fill with eye-bleeding images! There's no real reason for this thing, I don't know if it really even counts as a blog. It's mostly just fun for me, cuz maybe 1 or 2 people will read this lol. If you are, then thanks!

Also speaking of all the gifs, sorry about that lol. Sometimes I think I walk the line between "cool old web nostalgia bait" and genuinely ugly, but whatever. I like it. I am cringe but I am free xD. Admittedly, I'm not old enough to remember when the internet actually looked like this. But I've seen lots of cool neocities sites that look like this. I think the general demographic is probably a lot of nostalgic millenials. So I'm a fraud but oh well, making this website and constantly updating it is a lot of fun. (And also I'm just sooooooo bored of minimalist modern web design so I have decided to overcompensate.)

So yeah, expect this to be mostly updates about album progress and probably just random thoughts about music (because I don't have anyone in real life to talk about music with :'])