07:47 05-29-2024
hey! just wanted to say i found your comic, it's cute! i linked to it on my site ( lol
Replied on: 08:55 05-29-2024

Oh, thanks! Cool site btw!

22:28 05-28-2024
Happy birthday SNS! At the risk of sounding cheesy I'll say that this band means a lot to me too. I've been on youtube for most of my life and I've never seen a channel/website with that level of effort + amateurish charm (musics good too, I like that I can listen to a song and probably no one in a 1000 mile radius knows it lol makes me feel like a hipster). Without assuming too much, it sounds like you're moving along in life, so whether you're going to school/work/the jungle, good luck! If you disappear for 10 years then come back I am all for it, if SNS has a million fans I am one of them etc...
Replied on: 07:47 05-29-2024

aw thank you!! Glad we can give you some hipster points lol. Hopefully no matter what happens I will never disappear for 10 years though, that is much too long >.<

22:26 05-24-2024
Replied on: 23:03 05-25-2024

yes cassette tape slander it deserves it!!!! (yeah one more week!)

08:04 05-16-2024
This is a very cool project, feels nostalgic
20:56 04-16-2024
I love your songs here so my favorite songs
1. Party On Mars (And I'm Not Invited)
2. Ink Splatter Love Letter
3. Green Blue Red Pink
4. Hello Earthlings
I must say, Party On Mars (And I'm Not Invited) was stuck in my head for a couple of days. Have a great day
Replied on: 22:44 04-16-2024

thank you I'm glad you like our music!! you have a great day as well

16:20 04-08-2024
Oh I meant more like do you just think of the melodies from scratch? I would be paranoid that it sounds too much like a song that already exists but I guess there’s infinite combinations…. combinations that actually sound good though are a bit rarer, it’s so impressive that you can just be messing around on guitar and be like “hmm this sounds good”. You should consider enabling tips I mean you probably won’t get anything lol but it’s like the digital version of leaving the guitar case out when playing street music (idk how it actually works but either way gl!)
Replied on: 16:27 04-08-2024

ohhh ok sorry! Yeah I definetly worry about that, but I just hope that I'm not accidentally copying another song. To enable tips u need a paypal account which I don't have, and going through the hassle of setting one up when I probably wouldn't even get tipped doesn't seem worth it lol! Maybe one day though.

03:05 04-08-2024
The song is cool!!! I'm not used to hearing that style of vocals so it just sounds like noise to me but it's good noise! Idk if it's really missing anything but you don't have to scrap it, it sounds like a lot of work was put into it, especially the instrumental that sounds really good too. How do you come up so many instrumentals? Do you have a process cause that blows my mind to come up with all of that from scratch.
Replied on: 07:47 04-08-2024

thanks! honestly I still might scrap it, but I guess I'll leave it on my computer for a while and come back to it later and see. the process for writing stuff is different for every song, but for this one I started with the guitar that's panned to the left side,then the synth line. Once both of those were recorded and I could hear them together I did the drums and bass. Then last minute I decided it didn't sound "full" enough and added the right panned guitar! So basically just adding stuff until it sounds right lol.

00:18 03-18-2024
Vi Grey
I do not have a Youtube account and use browser settings that clear my Youtube cache and cookies every time I close my web browser. Youtube blessed me with your video "CUSTOM MADE SKELETON". I'm happy Jeremy has a good tall skeleton to inhabit. Thank you for creating a video on Youtube that reminds me of the per-monetization days of Youtube and having a neocities site that isn't afraid to embrace a starfield background. Please keep contributing to the web in a way that rejects the hypersanitized "Square Space and whatever blue themed social network" era of the web
Replied on: 08:40 03-18-2024

Thank you for leaving a message!! My goal with anything I put on the internet is very much what you mentioned; ignoring the profit-based, clean, modern, and sterile version of the web and just making whatever is fun to make! And I'll absolutely keep it that way as long as I'm on the internet

02:12 02-11-2024
I like the song, trying to thinking of something negative to say... I guess it can sound a little annoying after a couple listens, but I don't know anything about music to give you actual feedback. It kinda sounds like it was commissioned for a halloween special for some cartoon lol
Replied on: 09:22 02-11-2024

yeah I was definetly worried about being annoying with how uh... cartoonishly upbeat (?) it is. But "cartoon halloween special" is not a description I'm opposed to! Someone else also told me it belongs on a movie soundtrack lol. Thx for leaving feedback!!

00:33 01-28-2024
If you wanna maintain eye contact you can try to focus between their eyes, but you have nice eyes so you could really look people deep in their soul and strike fear in their hearts. Yes this is what I recommend
02:24 12-30-2023
sry some of the typos turned into emoticons lol, but yeah rooting for ya!!!
02:19 12-30-2023
Hey, I love your transparency. I’m not completely sure how to word this but I hope the general sentiment gets across. I don’t wanna be like “yeah sh is a-ok you do you” cause it’s not good but at the same time I don’t know much about your situation so I don’t wanna lecture you about stuff you already know. But I will say that the actual scars themselves are superficial and I don’t think anyone who cares about you now or in the future (honestly I didn’t think you were still in high school from the timing of one of your other songs, but 99% of stuff in high school stops mattering the moment high school ends) would think less of you for them (naturally they’d be a bit concerned tho cause y’know&hellip

But yeah if you don’t plan on stopping cause you like it too much (based??) do you want to overcome it? Or do you want to want to overcome it to not feel judged? Well I want you to overcome it Don’t feel like you have to reply to this and you can remove it actually after reading if you’d rather not the most recent comment be about this sorta thing
Replied on: 10:53 12-30-2023

thanks for leaving this comment

02:17 12-25-2023
I'm kinda embarrassed to admit it too but I like Something's Wrong, the melody is sweet and catchy. I've always wanted to ask what is the lyric for the line "I promise that I'll break your fall just promise me you'll ___"? No idea what you're saying lol. Also speaking of Unspecified when you filter your voice in some songs I like to imagine they shapeshift into you and start singing that part. Merry Xmas =]
Replied on: 23:52 12-25-2023

Haha thanks! The line is "just promise me you'll at least call" which is pretty clumsy in hindsight. Also you must be psychic because whenever I do vocoded vocals it is supposed to be unspecified singing! That's crazy! (...unless I've said that before but I don't think I have.)

12:29 11-30-2023
and this is why people should go on neocities deep dives
i gotta listen to more of this when i get the chance
03:42 11-24-2023
I really liked your deep singing voice! I thought you went through some sort of reverse puberty in between albums lol but now you sound more like Poppy than ever esp. with the experimental style, plz get famous and blog all about it (it's a little hard to read sometimes when you're so self-deprecating (tho I guess it's in the name...) but still you're so cool!!
Replied on: 23:31 11-30-2023

lol if I ever get famous I will do SO MUCH blogging nobody will be prepared. and ty!

21:17 11-20-2023
long birds
yo sour note symphony!! i am one of your biggest fans!

can you please write a ska song??