Sour Note Symphony is an (insert genre of your choice) band. Are we pop? rock? electronic? indie? indie-pop-punk-rock? Maybe "grape-cough-syrup-flavoured, hospital-admission-warranting, electro-pop-rock (with some sparkly stickers stuck to it)"

The band was formed very recently in 2021. Our most recent album is called Dissecting Circuitry! We have never done anything live and probably never will because uhh... I guess I can't use the whole skull excuse anymore.

Why a Neocities site?



Drummer. In 1976, Jeremy sold his soul to satan in favour of a successful music career, however, he was killed by a volkswagen beetle just one month later. After the public found out about his deal, all traces of his former band were erased by the CIA in order to protect satan's image. Satan had to give back his soul due to his 30-day-return policy, so with just a corpse to come back to, Jeremy washed off his flesh and continued life as a skeleton.

Jeremy will not be free until he can wait through 9 days of hold music to get to Hell's customer service.


A radio interview with Jermey from 1976

Kelly (formerly known as Aux)

Singer and guitarist. (Also the webmaster of this site!!) Just an average teenager with too much free time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Bassist. "unspecified" is short for "unspecified species", a nickname given to them by the guys at area 51. They're actually very outgoing, but they won't show their face because they're sorta kinda on the run from those same guys at area 51.

[Unspecified] was on their way to mars to get a selfie with the new rover. They reached into their Endless Space-Time Minifridge™ for a cherry cola, but accidentally reached into 1977 and pulled Jeremy's skull off of his neck. In the chaos of the situation, [unspecified] crashed their UFO into Kelly's backyard. They won't be able to go home until their unreliable alien friends come pick them up.

Extra-terrestrial Incident Report (they were just getting a sprite)

Extra-terrestrial Species Examination Results

Unspecified's arrest warrant

The End! That's how a band composed of a dead guy, an emo kid, and an alien was formed!