(No one has ever asked any of this but I have a lot of thoughts.)

Why a Neocities site? Why not use Carrd or Linktree? It's much easier.

I think there's something so cool about a personal, customized website. Sure, you can customize a Carrd or Wix site or whatever to some extent, but HTML offers a whole lot more options, and few people take the effort to craft a website by hand anymore.

I also really believe in bringing the smallweb back, so this is my contribution.

Why do you only have Instagram? Why don't you have Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and Reddit and TikTok etc.?

I don't like social media and neither Jeremy or [unspecifed] understand it. Instagram is the only social media I'm familiar with, so that's what we have. But honestly, I don't like using it and rarely post, so it's pretty dead and I might end up deleting it.

But don't you care about people finding your music?

Not really. I can't speak for Jeremy or [unspecified], but I make music for myself because I enjoy it. I don't care if no one hears it. Besides, I think bands that advertise constantly on social media are really annoying. I understand why they do it but I find it weird. Oh also people can still discover us on Youtube and Bandcamp.

Why isn't your music on Spotify/Apple Music/Deezer etc.?

Short answer: distribution services cost money, we wouldn't have enough streams for it to pay for itself, and see above.