sour note symphony

(the devil has a 30-day-return policy)


Sour Note Symphony is an (insert genre of your choice) band. Are we pop? rock? punk? indie? indie-pop-punk-rock? I genuinely don't know. Maybe "grape-cough-syrup-flavoured, hospital-admission-warranting, overly-edgy pop punk"

The band was formed very recently in 2021. So far we've got our EP called 'exit slip' and an album called 'Cassette Tape Circa 2097'. We have never done anything live and probably never will because Jeremy is unable to play live since he's a skull. (He records drums via possesion.)

Why a Neocities site?



Drummer. In 1976, Jeremy sold his soul to satan in favour of a successful music career, however, he was killed by a beetle (the car) just one week later. After the public found out about his deal, all traces of his former band were erased by the CIA in order to protect satan's image. Satan had to give back his soul due to his 30-day-return policy, so with just a corpse to come back to, Jeremy washed off his flesh and continued life as a skeleton.

Jeremy has yet to be reunited with the rest of his body


Lead singer, programmer and guitarist. (Also the webmaster of this site!!) Just your average teenager living in the wrong timeline ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Bassist. Currently running from the same people that captured E.T.

[Unspecified] was reaching into their Endless Interdimensional Minifridge™ for a cherry cola, but accidentally reached into 20XX? and pulled out an emo kid. While trying to find the right dimension to send Aux back, they reached into 1977 and pulled Jeremy's skull off of his neck. The minifridge is out of warranty, so we're all stuck here for a while.

The End! That's how a band composed of a dead guy, an emo kid, and an alien was formed!

P.S. - Feel free to use our music for stuff! All we ask is that you credit us and don't use it for commericial purposes, we don't even make any money off of this haha. If you wanna get technical, all our stuff is under this license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)