(No one has ever asked any of this but I have a lot of thoughts and a lot of free time.)

Why a Neocities site? Why not use Carrd or Linktree? It's much easier.

I think there's something so cool about a personal, customized website. Sure, you can customize a Carrd or Wix site or whatever to some extent, but HTML offers a whole lot more options, and few people take the effort to craft a website by hand anymore. I hate band websites that are just like- a photo of the band and then BUY OUR MOST RECENT ALBUM, BUY OUR TSHIRTS, BUY TICKETS. And they're all vertical. IDK just not my cup of website design. I get why they exist, they're convenient, straight to the point, and usually optimized for mobile, but damn they are ugly.

Why don't you have any social media?

I don't like social media and neither Jeremy or [unspecifed] understand it. We used to have an Instagram account but I deleted it. I don't like how the internet is basically 5 websites.

But don't you care about people finding your music?

Not really. I can't speak for Jeremy or [unspecified], but I make music for myself because I enjoy it. I don't care if no one hears it. Besides, I think bands that advertise constantly on social media are really annoying. I understand why they do it but I find it weird. Oh also people can still discover us on Youtube and Bandcamp.

Why isn't your music on Spotify/Apple Music/Deezer etc.?

Short answer: distribution services cost money, we wouldn't have enough streams for it to pay for itself, and see above.